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Cemetery Services

At Serenity Oaks Memorial Park, families are guided through a process of making decisions regarding the final resting place as well as memorialization for a loved one. Our team is there to help with pre-need arrangements as well as when a death has occurred. 

"What we have once enjoyed & deeply loved we can never lose, for all that we Love deeply becomes a part of us."
Helen Keller
Burial Services


We will help you with decisions regarding your loved one's final resting place whether it is a traditional burial or cremation. We will walk you through the process of selecting a final resting place among our six gardens as well as help you design a meaningful memorial for them. Graveside series can be customized to reflect your loved one's personality and leave loved ones with a meaningful goodbye.  

At this time, Serenity can bury traditional remains in-ground.  For cremated remains, there is an option for in-ground burial or above ground interment in the upright monument section of our Sunset garden.

Serenity currently has various gardens for families to select from. Some contain beautiful, mature oak trees and some contain newly-planted trees which will continue to enhance the beauty of the cemetery for years to come. Our gardens include a Veterans garden, family estates, as well as a baby garden.


Our services also include:

  • Determining what type of graveside service

  • Coordination with funeral home and/or church

  • Coordinate delivery and set up of grave-side service

  • Coordinate with U.S. Veterans Affairs for possible benefits for veterans.

  • Assist with vault selection

  • Prepare ground for interment

  • Set up of tent and chairs, grass covering, and equipment to seal vault above ground and lowering into the grave.  

  • Seeing all burial arrangements through to satisfying conclusion.       


Serenity can help you create a special monument which reflects the life of your loved one. The options are limitless with varying price points. We have gardens which only have flat bronze on granite markers and some gardens which have a combination of flat markers and upright markers


We handle ordering and installing the monument. 

See the video below as a beautiful example of how one family honored a loved one who was a avid motorcycle enthusiast.

Pre-Need Planning


Pre-need planning is a process of thinking about and making decisions regarding purchasing a burial space as well as making decisions regarding a burial service. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your family will not be left making these decisions during a time of great emotional stress. There are many benefits to planning ahead. 

  • The decisions you make are final.

  • Alleviate confusion, over spending and possible arguments by family members.

  • Making decisions now enables you to lock cost at today's prices.

  • 24 month interest free financing is available as well as additional financing plans.

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